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Diving Into The Must-Implement Safety Tactics With Comfort Inn And Suites Vicksburg

Traveling to different places and exploring the world is fun and thrilling. However, picking an accommodation also harbors financial, physical, and mental risks, especially when you aren't attentive. As a naive traveler, you might need help understanding the broad spectrum of dangers you expose yourself to during your trip.  

For instance, digital theft when you access a hotel's complimentary Wi-Fi or cameras in the room breaching your privacy requires a keen eye and active tips. That is why we have curated this extensive blog about safety suggestions for picking safe places to stay in Vicksburg, MS

Safety Strategies Before, During, And When You Leave Your Room 

We have broken down this invaluable post into three sections to help you stay secure throughout your accommodation and travel: 

Safety tips when you choose your hotel room

While you go through the room reservation procedure, undertake the following tips: 

  • Research Well 

Choosing a safe accommodation requires undertaking thorough research. Read reviews, ask locally, consider the hotel's location, and dig up any previous criminal encounters inside and outside the hotel. Further, investigate the accessibility and transportation options to reach the premises.  

  • Pick Rooms Strategically 

Book a hotel room with adequate distance from the hotel lobby. Don't consider rooms on the ground or second floor because they have more accessibility. Instead, choose rooms on the middle floors since the crime probability is low. Further emergency evacuation takes less time to reach the third to fifth floors. 

  • Consider Hotel's Security Protocols 

Most safety hotels with four to five stars offer insights into their privacy and security policies. These include emergency fire, theft, and related dangers. Understanding how a hotel treats guests' safety and their responsibilities eliminates confusion later. 

Safety Tactics When You Arrive At The Hotel 

Safety tips when you arrive at your hotel room

Once you pick and reach your safe haven, aka your hotel, maintain your security as follows: 

  • Protection While Checking In 

While undergoing the check-in process, keep your luggage near or in your sight. Don't yell or talk about your personal information loudly. Request the front desk staff to write you your room number. Further, keep your itinerary private and don't share it with anyone, including the hotel staff. 

  • Scrutinize Your Room 

Since cases with hidden cameras have risen in hotels, inspect your room thoroughly as soon as you enter. Several discreet camera detector apps are available to download beforehand. Further, look for broken lights, windows, bed bugs, and such inconveniences ahead. You can change your room or get the disruptions fixed before staying.  

  • Locks, Hotel Safe Boxes, And Emergency Exits 

Verify how the hotel lock and latch work, and carry a personal one just in case. Ensure the safety of the hotel's safe deposit boxes by putting in 0000 and 1234 passcodes. Try not to leave any valuables behind when you leave your room. Further, fix the map of emergency exits in your brain. 

  • Employ Virtual Private Network (VPN) 

Accessing complimentary Wi-Fi access available with your room booking can be appealing. We suggest you connect through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) because it's a public network. Since anyone can access sensitive data on a public network, safeguard your data through a VPN. It encrypts your online activity and conceals your information from prying eyes. 

Protection Tips When You Leave Your Hotel Room 

Safety tips when you leave your hotel room

If you're in the area to explore and discover the city's beauty, keeping your vitals safe will happen as follows: 

  • Secure Your Luggage And Hotel Door 

Use padlocks and bike locks to secure your luggage. Do not keep anything out because the housekeeping staff might visit your room to clean it. Employ brilliant packing hacks from the internet and ensure that easily accessible items like jewelry and laptops aren't on the bed.   

Additionally, ensure your hotel room is fully latched, and nothing's faulty. If you haven't requested cleaning, hang a do not disturb sign on the door. Employees will respect your privacy and not enter your room without permission. 

  • Close The Blinds, Peephole, Windows, And Curtains 

If there's any window, blind, or curtain from where an outside person can peek, close it. It includes the peephole on your room door, windows for ventilation, blinds, and curtains. Keeping them closed, especially when out, ensures no breach transpires. 

  • Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open 

Staying active and cautious about your surroundings will help you sense danger. When your senses are heightened, you can detect troubles, suspicious activities, etc., from a mile away. So, trust your intuition and maintain alertness throughout. 

Comfort Inn And Suites - Your Trusted Haven In Vicksburg 

If you're visiting Vicksburg, Mississippi, you need not go anywhere except Comfort Inn And Suites. We offer a premium and secure stay to our guests and have the following security protocols for emergencies: 

In The Event Of Fire 

If there's a fire at the property, we want you to hold your composure and control panicking. Then, do the following: 

  • Run the nearest fire alarm. 
  • Shut your door and contact the hotel's front desk. 
  • Exit the room and hotel premises. 
  • Keep your room key with you. 
  • Run to the emergency exit stairs if there's no smoke. 
  • Stay in your room if there's smoke in the hallway, and let the hotel staff know. 

In The Event Of Smoke 

When smoke envelops your room, or you see it developing, do the following: 

  • Fold a damp cloth in a triangle and shield your nose and mouth. 
  • Seek aid from the front desk. 
  • Verify the doorknob temperature before twisting it to open. Open the door gently if it's cold, and carry your room key. On the contrary, stay in your room if the knob is hot and linger for hotel staff to assist you. 
  • Crawl to reach the exit door. 

In Case Of Tornado Or Fierce Weather Conditions 

When weather conditions worsen, the city's Civil Defense Sirens will blow up, triggering the hotel's alarm. It's your sign to get to the lowest floor and follow our protocol. Our staff will continuously assist you through the severity.  

Covid-19 Restrictions 

We urge our guests to help us comply with the state-mandated guidelines by wearing a face mask in public areas. Further, practice social distancing during breakfast and ensure that the hotels won't be responsible for your ailment while at the hotel. 

Keeping It Light, Breezy, And Safe 

When visiting Vicksburg, MS, the room reservation procedure would demand your utmost attention to detail. If you follow our safety guide, you can quickly narrow the safe places to stay in Vicksburg, MS. However, no research is necessary in Vicksburg because Comfort Inn And Suites are available here for an exceptional retreat. Our staff follows every standard, guideline, and protocol by the heart to help ensure a stress-free visit for our guests. So, jump into getting a spot in your haven in Vicksburg. 

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1. What are the security policies and procedures enlisted at Comfort Inn and Suites? 

  • Use deadbolts to lock your door. 
  • Keep an additional latch for door security. 
  • These security protocols ensure extreme protection from unknown visitors. 

2. What are the hotel protocols upon arrival? 

  • Analyze the hotel's map and paste it into your brain. 
  • Locate fire extinguishers and alarm pull stations on your floor. 
  • Detect the AC's off-switch. 
  • Follow US Government’s Fire Safety Guidelines  
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