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Safety Tips

Ensuring your safety is our utmost concern. We request all our guests to thoroughly review the safety guidelines and procedures as they make the best room reservations in Vicksburg at Comfort Suites.


Consider the following travel tips to ensure a trouble-free vacation.

Travel Tips

1. Pack light

Traveling with as little luggage as possible improves the overall comfort of your trip.

2. Carry zip locks

Using zip-lock bags greatly facilitates the management of wet or damp garments.

3. Locks are inevitable

Always keep your travel bags and baggage locked to avoid losing your items unexpectedly.

4. Carry important papers

Before you leave, ensure you have your passport, license, and all travel-related paperwork.

5. Pre-book your tickets online

By pre-booking entrance tickets to the top tourist attractions in the city, you can save both time and energy to a great extent.


Upon arrival

Review the property map pasted on the back of your guestroom door to identify the fire exits and staircases.

Take note of the location of fire extinguishers and alarm pull stations on your floor.

Identify the 'Off' switch for your air conditioner.

Note:If there's a fire, turning off the air conditioner will help prevent smoke from entering your room.

Security Policies and Procedures

To ensure your safety, please lock your door with the deadbolt.

For enhanced security, use the additional safety latch to secure the doors.


Always confirm the identity of any unfamiliar individuals before allowing them access to your room.

If you have any doubts about a person's identity, please call the front desk for assistance.

Ensure that you keep your room keys in a safe spot.

Avoid leaving your key inside the room or on the door to prevent any hassle.

Never trust strangers with your room key.

Before leaving for the day, remember to drop off your keys at the front desk.


In Case Of Fire

Maintain your composure and avoid panic.

Activate the nearest fire alarm.

Close your door if it can be done safely.

Get in touch with the hotel's front desk.

Notify the hotel staff about the emergency.

Leave your room and exit the hotel premises promptly.

Make sure that you carry your room key with you.

In case of smoke:

Protect your nose and mouth with a damp cloth folded into a triangular shape.

Contact the front desk to seek assistance.

Inform the service team about the emergency.

Crawl towards the exit door.

Check the doorknob's temperature before opening it.

Case A:

If the door feels cold, open it gently and take your room key with you as you leave the room.

Case B:

If the door feels hot, do not open it. Please be patient and wait for our service team to assist you.

Case 1:

If the hallway is smoke-free, make your way to the emergency exit stairs.

Case 2:

If there is smoke in the hallway, please retun to your room. We will give you immediate guidance to ensure your safety.

In the event of a tornado or severe weather conditions,

our city's Civil Defense Sirens will be turned on. Simultaneously, the fire alarm system within our hotel will be activated to notify our guests. In such a situation, guests are advised to follow the established protocol and evacuate to the lowest floor. Our dedicated hotel staff is readily available to help you throughout this process. The hotel management will make every effort to contact you via phone or personally visit your room to keep you informed about the circumstances.

COVID-19 Protocols

Our hotel management is committed to upholding the COVID-19 protocols associated with our brand. These are in accordance with state-mandated guidelines concerning social distancing. To prioritize the safety of all individuals during this pandemic, we request our guests to comply with the following directives:

It is mandatory to wear a face mask in public areas such as the lobby.

Please follow social distancing practices in areas like the breakfast facility.

Disclaimer: The hotel cannot assume liability for any illnesses the guests may encounter while staying on our property.